A touch of immortality is a death sentence...

Season 1: 10 episodes x 9 minutes - Total Length: 90 min


James "Skinny" Skinford has a simple plan:  Steal and flip a mysterious truck to make some quick cash and save his ailing Dad from a hideous terminal illness. It's all cherry pie until everything goes rightly tits up when he finds a woman - who cannot die - buried alive in the grave he was being forced to dig for himself. Anyone touching her become immortal, but being near her is also a death sentence. 

Genre : Supernatural Thriller
Production : Rockzeline Wild Studio, DeadHouse Films, blackpills
Directed by : Nik Kacevski
Written by : Nik Kacevski, Tess Mayer,
Starring : Josh Brennan, Charlotte Best, Coco Gillies,  Goran Kleut, Ric Herbert, Lauren Orrell, Kelly Paterniti
Executive producers : Antoine Disle, Enzo Tedeschi, Jason Moody, Fredéric Pons
Producers : Enzo Tedeschi, George Kacevski, Tess Mayer,  Tom Pope


Year : 2017
Country : Australia
Language : English
Territories : Worldwide except Australia and New-Zealand
Broadcaster : blackpills