Season 1: 8 episodes x 10 minutes Total Length: 80 min


Arthur is a successful Youtuber, who, like all geeks his age, swears only by the internet, new technologies, frozen pizzas and partying with friends. He shares a flat in the centre of Paris with his two best friends : Audrey (the girl of his dreams) and Darren (a childhood friend with whom he launched his YouTube channel). Waking up one day after a heavy night, Adrien is oblivious to the fact that the daily life of him and his friends is about to drastically change. Overnight, inexplicably, all the water on the planet disappears. Oceans, rivers, lakes, all appear completely drained. No more unending showers, skinny dipping, or even the water cycle : the only water remaining is in stocks of bottled water from before the change.

Year: 2017
Country: Canada
Language: English
Territories: Worldwide
Broadcaster: Blackpills

Genre: Survival
Production: blackpills, Rockzeline and La Guérilla
Directed by: Benjamin Cappelletti
Written by: Benjamin Cappelletti, Guillaume Grelardon, Marc Lahore
Cast: Evan Marsh, Olivia Scriven, Darren Eisnor