Season 1: 10 episodes x 10 minutes - Total Length: 100 mins


Brooks is a loving, hard working, responsible brother to his little sister Laura. He’s also a renowned hitman for people’s furry friends, or Pet Killer - despite gaining this admittedly macabre reputation through no fault of his own. But when you’re only 20 and have lost both parents at a young age, what wouldn’t you do to try to keep your sister away from the clutches of a scheming, manipulative step-mother?

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Genre : Comedy
Production : Rockzeline Wild Studio, DeadHouse Films, blackpills
Directed by : Tibo Pinsard
Written by : Tibo Pinsard, Paul Ayre, Amichai Greenberg
Starring : Charles Cottier, Bianca Bradey, Molly Barwick, James Gerard, Marney McQueen, Alan Flower, Michelle Ny
Executive producers : Antoine Disle, Enzo Tedeschi, Fredéric Pons
Producers : Luke Graham, Tom Pope

Year : 2017
Country : Australia / France
Language : English
Territories : Worldwide
Broadcaster : blackpills