A crooked cop and a petty thief share a seemingly unbreakable friendship. But when the thief accidentally kills his own lover, that friendship is put to the test. The men soon end up trapped in the underworld of a sadistic crime lord, and their only help comes from two of his prostitutes... girls who plan to deliver their own brand of justice along the way. Diversion End is a pulpy crime thriller set in a very unfamiliar vision of Warsaw, Poland.

Genre : Drama, Thriller
Production : Rockzeline Wild Studio - Star Films
Directed by : Michał Krzywicki
Written by : John Cabrera and Michał Krzywicki
Story by : Michał Krzywicki, Dagmara Brodziak, Łukasz Suchocki and PawełJóźwik
Starring : Michał Krzywicki, Kevin Oestenstad, Dagmara Brodziak, Adam Bobik, Michalina Olszanska

Year : 2015
Country : Poland
Language : English
Target : 16 – 35