New Tone – New Talent – New Form

Rockzeline is a leading international production and distribution company based in Paris, Los-Angeles, Montreal & Sydney. We are specialized in digital short forms, premium series and indie films. We work with video-on-demand platforms and traditional market players (TV networks, premium channels, brands) all over the world. Our desire is to tell unique and exciting stories, to create experiences for the viewer and introduce them to unknown universes built by a new wave of creators that we seek out and guide along the way. In 2016 all seven of our productions were by first-time directors of long forms and we have another 10 original productions scheduled for 2017. Our productions are tailor made to clients for their target audiences.The films and series in our catalog are distributed worldwide. We have accompanied the likes of Blackpills and Canal+ in establishing their digital offers as well as working with other broadcasters and platforms to regularly provide them with innovative original content.

The team

Frédéric Pons
In this age of social media, the real challenge for brands today is to entertain and encourage involvement. Luckily, as it happens… as a specialist in entertainment (music, sport, cinema) for the last 25 years, Fred himself is highly entertaining.

Antoine Disle
Antoine is the co-founder of Rockzeline, specialists in international productions and distributors of short and long form series. Rockzeline looks to bring strong artistic convictions, producing richly scripted, editorialized fiction with a new tone, new talents and new forms.
He has set up “Rockzeline Wild Studio ” The Rockzeline production label, through which he produces all over the world through Rockzeline and its affiliated companies.
Antoine helped to develop the digital series landscape, accompanying Canal +, France Télévisions, We Love Cinema and Blackpills in setting up their digital series platforms. He is continually looking at opening up new markets, pushing this new creative paradigm and ensuring Rockzeline remains a digital trailblazer.
Being an expert of the digital production environment, Antoine also gives master-classes on digital production at renowned industry training centres around the world. 

Mathias Bernard

Mathias Bernard is a producer who has been a partner at Rockzeline since 2013. He began his work as a producer in the music industry, creating a record label and has collaborated with the likes of Virgin, Delabel and Warner and also produced numerous concerts in many major venues.
Impassioned by urban culture, Mathias, through his company, 2good productions, developed and produced dozens of documentaries, live concert recordings and short films for Warner Music around the symbolic disciplines of this culture : Rap, Break dance, Graffiti, Fashion, Skateboarding, DJ’s... 
Accompanied by the numerous talents met in the course of these shootings, Mathias Bernard started producing fiction, with shows for MTV or Canal+ being broadcast, and developed the first thematic channels of Dailymotion, later producing documentaries for the cinema before joining the team at Rockzeline to participate in the development of the company and produce the movies and series of the digital revolution.

Marc Juniat

Romain Grandsire

Tom Pope

Pauline Pécou

Adrien Coudron

Marc De Brébisson

Carlo Fasino-Seco

Adrien Nicolas-Mettler

Léo Rauch